Thursday, December 15, 2005

My First Winter

This is my first winter and I don’t know if you can call it a real winter at all. There is no snow. So the purist may not agree. But then I am from a typical coastal city situated closer to the equator. The lowest temperature I must have seen must be some 18 deg C. Now the temperatures here are like 5 deg Celsius at night. I am wearing sweater at noon.

The hardest part is riding back to quarters. The company accommodation is almost 14 Km away from office and I don’t get to go back till 8 at night. I wear a sweater a jacket and a monkey cap beneath my helmet. Even then the cold wind blowing against you is killing. By time I reach quarter I am shivering and palms are ice cold.

But winter is fun. The time u sink beneath the cozy blanket is one of the most amazing feelings one can get. I just hope I had someone with me whom I could snuggle up to beneath the blanket ;)