Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Sly Butterfly

You are a pretty butterfly
Act coy but in real sly
Different day, different flower
You play, a sweet lover
Enticing your colourful wings
Dancing in breeze that sings
Flirtatiousness, that's your craft
You make seduction look like art
Just as they embrace thy dainty touch
You fly away and break their heart

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Pain of Love

To love and not be loved back
Is that the biggest pain
To wonder what I do lack
Be in doubt till I go insane

Perhaps in that small gesture
I seek what I hope to see
Breathe in, courage I muster
But no, I feel you laughing at me

Deny me my rightful place
You know me better than me
Maybe I am wrong in this case
I should have never thought of we

Still want to savour this moment
Don't  know if i will survive
Want to try till the very end
And make it work and be alive