Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Imaginary Friends

The credit for the come back topic goes to Vinisha. She was the one who enquired what my MBTI type was. When I replied that I was an INFP when I last checkd maybe 4 years back she quipped.

“Did you have imaginary friends”?
Me: Yes but, Why?
She: INFPs are supposed to have.

So I did have imaginary friends as a kid. That also means that I don’t have now. I don’t remember the exact number, maybe eight. That’s because I had quite a few. But I can clearly recall are a few names, Dany, Satish and Anil. The first name influenced maybe by a popular Malayalam kids movie of those times. I am unable to recollect if there was a girl in the bunch. Should have been, considering the interest in women that I currently have. But then I cannot recollect a name, that is if, there was any in the first place.

What did I do with my friends? Play, as any other kid would have done. I have vivid memories of me and them taking turns kicking soccer penalties and during these times the imaginary friends used me as the physical medium. Maybe we played other games too which I cannot recollect at the moment.

Who is he that is with you?
Nay it’s not my shadow
What is it that you two do?
Maybe we play the ludo.

Why is he not to be seen?
Because, he is in mind.
Where you two have been?
That is for you to find.

Back from a writers' block

Its almost a year and a half since I last posted. Meanwhile I never thought it was so long back that i posted. The want to blog was always there. During this period I had contemplated putting my thoughts together on a large number of issues. But could not get my lazy ass to actually blog.

Let us hope that I do put something substantial in this innings. Could some one out there suggest me some themes, topics to blog on. I know my blog doesn't have a huge readership. But if someone do chance upon this. please leave a comment.