Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Russia With Love

For the first time, posting something which I have not written. But I think this is hilarious to say the least. Just check out the grammar and the usages

Hi! My not familiar friend! In a service of acquaintances to me Have given some questionnaire of the people, which approach me, I Previously studied them and has decided to send you to the first message Because your structure seems to me more interesting. I hope, that You have time to send me some messages, that we could It is better to learn each other. I shall tell not much about myself: my age 28 Years, my complete name Anna, And so me name the friends Anya. I once Was married, but my marriage has broken up as my former husband of saws, and Deceived me. I hope that you not such and we can construct ours The future. But before far and us it is necessary much to learn about each other. The given moment I live in an apartment of the parents, After the termination Honey of the college I work nurse in hospital, my job Very to like I from childhood very much wanted to become physician, and I think that My dream has come true. To me very much to like there to work. Free from Jobs time I play sports for maintenance of health. And as I I like to go in the summer with the friends on picnics to lakes. I have one Dream to meet with the liked man dawn only he and I on a coast The rivers. As we with the girlfriends often are engaged with volleyball. I send you Some photos, that you would present as I look, and I I hope that to you to like. And I shall wait from you of the letter with yours By photos. I have not how much questions for you, than you like To be engaged in free time? What you to like in the women? You when Not be were married? You have children?You use spirits Drinks? And last question on today As you think that to you not To like in itself? I wait from you of the letters with questions which Have arisen at you to me. Yours faithfully I shall wait from you of the answer, yours The new friend Anya,

And the follow up

I how understand what you to me to write any more will not be? I mean vainly you waited, wait see you tomorrow but deadline after tomorrow for answer if not on write. I shall search for other companion of life. Is simple give me the answer you want gets acquainted whether or not? Anya.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sand Storm

Rumbling noise outside the cabin
I woke up and sat on my bed
Feared that the wall may give in
He raged as if to wake up the dead.

Curious, i walked to the window
Tried to peep though the shade
Nothing to see, not even a shadow
But for the clamour he made.

It's strange, the feelings I had.
Awe, Inquisitiveness, Trepidation
Swirled up and made me mad
Searched inside for extenuation

Walked slowly to the locked door
Opened it slightly and peeped
I flet the brute strength he bore
As against the wall, the door banged

There i was standing in the open
Unseen enemy howling at me
Felt too small for once, but then
Surged the power, whatever be

In a moment I grew bigger and bolder
In cold of the night, fury of storm
In vain he tried to knock me over
Shed the sand that kissed my form.

Looked him in the eye, He had none
And said i am not even interested
I was happy with what I had done
Turned back, I refuse to be tested.

Shut the door and latched it tight
Far louder, he roared again outside
Slipped in to sleep slowly for the night
And the sandstorm faded and died