Monday, May 25, 2009

Sand Storm

Rumbling noise outside the cabin
I woke up and sat on my bed
Feared that the wall may give in
He raged as if to wake up the dead.

Curious, i walked to the window
Tried to peep though the shade
Nothing to see, not even a shadow
But for the clamour he made.

It's strange, the feelings I had.
Awe, Inquisitiveness, Trepidation
Swirled up and made me mad
Searched inside for extenuation

Walked slowly to the locked door
Opened it slightly and peeped
I flet the brute strength he bore
As against the wall, the door banged

There i was standing in the open
Unseen enemy howling at me
Felt too small for once, but then
Surged the power, whatever be

In a moment I grew bigger and bolder
In cold of the night, fury of storm
In vain he tried to knock me over
Shed the sand that kissed my form.

Looked him in the eye, He had none
And said i am not even interested
I was happy with what I had done
Turned back, I refuse to be tested.

Shut the door and latched it tight
Far louder, he roared again outside
Slipped in to sleep slowly for the night
And the sandstorm faded and died


Ricky Jacob said...

Too much bro..!! Nice stuff..!!

Vinisha said...

Aha! Nice introspection going on I see. :)

Liked it.

Renjith said...

thanks guys.

there is no introspection. just a simple incident :P

Carl said...

nice one!!!

Janmam said...

good one bro..

Anonymous said...

Dejavu :)

Anonymous said...