Friday, June 06, 2008

The Accident

Ankita was in a hurry. She had to reach the office as there was a meeting scheduled at 9 AM. Boss would be there. It was her first chance to make a good impression. She was preparing for the last one week and she was sure she could make an impression.

She had just joined a month back as an intern at a Multi national company and there were chances that the internship maybe converted to a full time job. Anyways she was gaining valuable experience that would enhance her worth in the job market.

She zipped past a truck in her Honda-Dio. It had become one of her closest friends in the last one year. It took her where ever she wanted to go. It gave her a sense of freedom and empowerment. She had decided she would never sell her first bike.

She had on an ipod on and she was listening to her favorite music, Eric Clapton singing Layla. She zoomed past another truck coming from the opposite direction. She felt a chill down her spine.

She looked back and saw the crowd gather around. She could see fresh blood splattered around and sympathy on the eyes of the beholders. She wanted to stop to help. But then she had a very important meeting to attend.

She knew hat she has dreamed about in many times in the last few days. She makes the presentation, the awed look on the faced of the audience and the boss’s smirk breaking into a smile. A word of appreciation from him and that was almost her letter of confirmation.

She parked her bike in the parking lot and scampered up the stairs. She was totally oblivious of her surroundings. She went to her desk and took a deep breath. Then she proceeded towards the conference hall. She opened it and found it empty.

Slowly darkness engulfed her and she blanked out.
[ When you really want something even death cannot come in the way. But then death is overpowering. Just maybe you can carry your dreams till the last moment]

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