Friday, October 21, 2005


I was perturbed when my friend send this to me with a title "Frustration of Teachers". Maybe it reminded me of my own school days when i was told to fall in line when ever i dared to be different in my literary endevours.

I believe this kid deserves applause for the way he has written. Forget the grammar forget the construction. Just look at the raw creativity and orginality. The topic is simple there is the common approach of writing something quite ordinary about flowers, rainbows, nature, vehicles, people and what not. But that would be description.

The incoherence between the pargraphs that this kid has written is what makes it interesting for me. You may agree or disagree but i would argue that this kid got a raw deal.

One of my friends tell me this mail maybe a hoax. Maybe. But it gave me a chance to speak about something I wanted to tell for a long time

It has been my experience that teachers in the Indian educational system has an uncanny ability to snuff out creativity. In our quest to be conformist and be right all the time we are losing the essence of diversity


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DD said...

Hi, Got this blog address from Krish's scrap entry.
Nice perception, I should say! It's so true that children are so fresh and creative. Just try answering their questions honestly and you would know!! :)