Monday, January 09, 2006

Better Late Than Never

I wanted to blog this 3 days back. I may say that I was too busy or I was too lazy. Both are right in some sense. But as the title goes “better late than never”

Its regarding this feeling I have that things usually happen late to me. All these thing s the kid do like riding a cycle or swimming I see they learn it at a pretty young age. I got y first bicycle at the age of 16. I learned riding on my on cycle. I guess that was pretty late. I learned to ride a motorbike at the age of 20. I bought my first motorbike at the age of 25. I have not yet learned swimming.

Just tried my first drink when I was 23. That was because I thought my dad drank my quota of alcohol too. Maybe a misnomer corrected by my management education. Tried smoking when I was 20 didn’t like that though. Must have smoked some 10 times after that during the last five years.

First time I experimented with my sexuality is when I was 17 I guess. And I still remember wondering how my friends from 7th standard used to talk about that years back. I fell in love for first time when I was 23 and fell more madly in the same love when I was 24.

With computers I was luckier I guess. I touched my first computer when I was 14 and I guess I fell in love with it. Somewhere along the line the love story didn’t take of as it should have. I did my first website when I was 23. Pretty late by the standards I had set for myself
Putting this piece together I guess I am not as unlucky as I make myself out to be. Maybe I just like to bask in all the sympathy I would manage to attract. Or maybe I just wanted to put don something and had nothing better to write on. I guess I should just stop cribbing and be happy about what I have.


Renjith said...

Forgot two things. Havent yet broken a bone. and got my driving licence at 25 hardly 10 days back. i dont know how to drive a car though

sonia vergis khatri said...

I think what u are not late yet in is reaslising that time is ticking....most of us donot realise that