Monday, January 02, 2006

Open letter to Ekta Paneri

Dear EP,

I was reading “One night @ a Call Center” yesterday. My friend bought it in the evening and was reading it .So had to wait till he slept to lay hands on it. So started at around 11 30 Pm and finished it at around 3 40 AM. Thus sadly eating into my sleep hours. Now in office and feeling terribly sleepy. So thought would do something that’s interesting and thus just giving wings to the idea that took of as I was reading the book.

I didnt find the book as interesting as the first one maybe I am myself an engineer and could relate to the thread of 5 point someone. But then I never studied in an IIT. I never took on me any pressure to perform and yet again I didnt have a beautiful girl friend when I was in engineering

You maybe wondering why I am giving all history of what happened yesterday and during engineering. I can hear your imaginary voice (Has to imagine because I haven’t seen or heard you just read your blogs and chatted a few time) telling cut the bull shit and tell what you want to say. So here I go with out much ado

I was thinking of you whenever my mind wandered of the thin story line maybe because we had discussed this book or maybe cause you are one of those few people I know ( or I presume I know because I tend to believe all my cyber friends. not an wise thing to do, but profiles in Orkut do seem authentic) who work in a call center.

It was funny because (I don’t know how many ‘because’ I will use in this letter, it always happens when some one is upto lame reasoning) while I was reading the story I was plotting my own story in my mind. Its actually not another story. I guess it would be better to call it a suspicion. I had already asked you if the girl who told Chetan the story is you and then I was trying to fit you into the character of every female protagonist in the novel and I failed miserably.

Its again funny as I don’t know you as a person and yet I could rule out that you cant be Esha, Priyanka or Radhika. I was just trying to put in all the images I have about you to these girls. I know it was a futile exercise nevertheless it was just the mind wandering and meandering and going where it wanted. So I let it go.

Then I came to this totally insane but logical theory, That Ekta Paneri doesn’t exist. Maybe she is just a fertile mind who is blogging away his creative energies on extremely cool rebellious beautiful talented character called Ekta. I thought of Al Pacino and Simone. I thought about a net friend I had who would tell me the colour of the shirt I wore to class. I never got to meet her (who knows if it after all was a her). But it was kind of weird and yet exciting feeling that you are being stalked.

The different option flashed through my find. Ekta Paneri could be a bored housewife, a teenage guy, middle-aged man or anything on earth. Oh there are infinite permutations and combinations to when it comes to human beings. Infinite classifications of a single race called Homo sapiens.

But there is something about you that gives you an aura of authenticity and as I thought more about it, I realized maybe someday I may realize the dream of writing a book of my own and you could be the protagonist in it.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Arrey ,.... u dont hafta worry abt ur comments being lost on my blog ... i read every single one , and reply to every single one too ...
So , relax !
Happy new year to u too !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Hi , btw , i didnt get this post at all ...

i have read 5 Point Someone , not one night at a call centre.

Who is Ekta PAneri ?

| Ep/ID | said...
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~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

but , how does she fit in here ? i mean , i didnt get the reference

nithyananda said...

Deepa not just u, i didnt get the reference, i followed the white rabbit and read ur letter!!!

Well i did read ON@CC and i am sure there must b a statement there saying
"All characters in this story r fictional and any resemblence to any person living or dead must b a conincidence"!

I belive chetan's right! :)

| Ep/ID | said...


Chetan's probably right. And thats what i am saying to Renjith here ;)

princess said...

nice blog :D