Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Examination and Chaos

I learned an important lesson today. Chaos is necessary in life, at least in mine. I had never been a well organized person. But then yesterday I had planned for an examination and filed all the required materials together. I thought it would help me. But what happened today would be beyond your expectations. Anyway it was beyond mine. I went to the examination, an open book one with the wrong handout. The funny part is I never realized it until I opened it to write the answer for the third question. At that moment the entire chain of event just flashed upon me. I had taken the file out of the shelf and never read its title. Why should it have happened that way? I think the entire episode of organizing the material doomed me. Naturally I would have been searching for all the material on the morning of the examination and that would have assured that I had the right material. Sometimes you have to do things the wrong way to get it right. Isn’t it funny???

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