Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Karan Cyber Sehgal

On my friend Karan and his tryst with computers

When Souveer Raghav threatened to resign from the post of floor coordinator there was no doubt on our minds on who should succeed him to the post. Here are few instances where Karan exhibited his Cyber brilliance.

The Mystery of the Missing “My Computer”

One day Karan goes to Rajkumars room to type in a submission. Rajkumar had hidden all the icons on his desktop. Karan sits in front of the comp and wonders what to do, when suddenly his face lights up, he grabs a floppy and rushes to the CC.

Minutes later Rajesh finds an irritated Karan in the CC trying to copy the “My Computer” icon on to the floppy.

Aamir in Troy???????

After hours of cracking finance, Karan decides to have a break. He walks across to Renjiths comp and sits down to watch the movie PCP had saved the other day. The file name was AVSEQ02 and was saved on the F drive. Karan did not know where PCP had saved the file and being the comp illiterate he is, he did not know how to search for files. He looked in one drive after another. As fate would have it, Renjith had saved another film by the same name the day before on the D drive. Karan finds this file and opens it. Sees it for sometime and remarks
“Oye, Troy mein Aamir Khan kaise ghus gaya”

The F*** Drive

One day PCP is doing SAPM assignment in the CC. he finds Karan anxiously pacing down the aisle. This happens for some time. PCP concerned about his roomie calls Karan and asks him what happened.
With the saddest look on his face Karan replied. “I had stored some SAPM files on the F drive of the last com on third row. Now Shailee has been sitting on the comp for last half an hour and I want to finish my SAPM assignment.

Karan the hAcKeR

After this incident, Karan realized that F drive can be accessed from any computer in the Institute. And few days later Renjith returns to his room to find Karan in glee. Karan said “G Nath I accessed your F drive today”. So Renjith asked how he got the password. Karan replied “I will show it to you”. Karan opens the “My Computer” of the PC in Renjith’s room and clicks the local F partition of the hard disc.

The Lousy Mousy History

Just before coming to TAPMI, Karan gets to know that computers are an integral part of the course there. So he decides to go to NIIT for some basic course. There the instructor asked him if he knew anything about computers. Karan, being the big man he is, said that he know all parts of the comp. The instructor is relieved and proceeds to teach some elementary stuff. In between he needs the mouse and asked Karan to pass the mouse to him. Karan thought for a while and and slowly pushed the monitor to the instructors side.

The New Innovation Called Water Cooled Printers

So is any one is still in doubt on who should be next in line for FC post…….There has to be….. After these half fictitious stories on Karan, let’s go on to a 100 % real life situation. During the last “Speed” our very own PR man DIGIPOP was printing a poster in the dot

matrix printer. The printer got heated up and stopped in between. DIGI thought for a while went to the cooler fetched some ice water and poured it over the printer head to cool it down. Here is one super cool cyber guy who could give Karan tough competition.

Karan Cyber Seghal - 2 (The Lappy Toppy Karan)

Mousey Lappy

Karan ne jab laptop khareedne ke liye dukaan pahuncha to sales manmodels dikayakaran kyo kuch bhi pasand nahi aayapucho kyoonoyyye is dukan mein koi bhi laptop mein mouse nahi hain aur mere kokeyboard shortcuts pata bhi nahin.

Where do I keep IT

suna hai karan abhi laptop rakhne ke liye computer table kareed rahe hain

Neela Daanth

Jab karan laptop kahreedne gaya to sales man poocha....blue tooth wala model chahiye kya. Karan ne bola "meine abhi tak sone ki daanth nahi dala to mein neela daanth kyu daaloon"


Arun R said...

Ha ha ha....

I did not know that u had made a log of things our Computer WizKid Karan had accomplished during TAPMI....

Hada good laugh after going thro the details.

Copying "My Computer" icon was the best!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

Feeling Nostalgic..... :(

GRAM said...

Karan sure does make us laugh a lot..
Good collection!!!

Dalmatian said...

G Nath......You had make a good screenplay writer!!! Of these instances only two of the funny ones actually invloved Karan or thats what i remember......But dude the write up does make you feel nostalgic and it does tickle the funny bone.....